Hello! This wiki's been closed and will no longer be edited or changed for the time being since the editors have gone inactive - TunnelClan itself has as well, although there are still a few people on. If or when TunnelClan becomes active again, this wiki may be reworked with recent history. For now, it will remain up for viewing only; during this time I will also be researching older history for a fanfiction series about TunnelClan! Unfortunately, many of the users with whom I used to interact with and roleplay with have quit or became inactive, so I'm... winging a lot of the borrowed characters, if I may. I really miss the good old days of 2015 (our beginning) and 2016 (aka our golden age), and I will try my best to remember them in the fanfiction with help from anyone willing. Purrrr! May StarClan light your paths.

~Jayfrost, wiki owner

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This wiki topic is about TunnelClan, a Warriors Roleplay clan created on the popular mobile app known as Clash of Clans.

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