Here is where you can list your rogue/rogue group roleplays and their descriptions!


Zappy, a small-boned black tom with yellow eyes and quick paws.

Night, a black she-cat with a white freckled back. Mates with Scar (Not the TunnelClan Scar) mother of

Moon, a small thoughtful gray she-cat with blue eyes.

Storm, a a silver she-cat with blue eyes.

Night, a massive dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes.

Storm, a super fast gray tom with green eyes.

Light, a golden tabby she-cat with long fur and blue eyes.

Sunkit, a golden tabby she-cat with green eyes. Clan kit turned rogue, sister of Shadow.

Shadow- (People are like.."My rp is related to them" and I don't know their descs so ???)

Loveheart- grumpy flame-colored tom, mate of Swirl and father of Thorn and Pine, clan cat turned rogue.

Swirl, Loveheart's mate and the mother of Thorn, a strong tom with a red pelt and green eyes; and Pine, who rejoined TunnelClan. (Pine's description is in "About TunnelClan: Cats, Territory, and Lifestyle."

Wolf, gray she-cat with amber eyes.

Ruffleclaw, a bronze/reddish she-cat with blue eyes.

Shimmertail, a silver she-cat with golden-tipped ears and emerald eyes.

Whirlwind, a silvery blue tom with blue eyes.

Violet/Violetraven, a black she-cat with violet eyes. Leader of a rogue group.

Midnight, a jet black she-cat with green eyes. In a rogue group with Violet.

Sapphire, a black tom with green eyes. In a rogue group with Violet.

Wishbringer, a white tom with yellow eyes. Can cast curses.

Tiger, a orange ginger tom with black tail tip and green eyes.

Flowersky, bright orange she cat with green eyes.