Here you can put your roleplays who roam in StarClan. Please only put name and looks under their position. Thank you. (Not that we don't have some bad guys in the Place of No Stars! >:) )


Vinestar, a muscular brown tom with leaf-green eyes and a long tail. Mates with Tidepool; father of three

kits. (See Our Legends.)

Applestar, a golden she-cat with blue eyes. (See Our Legends.)

Flamestar, a massive flame-red tom with keen green eyes and a powerful body.

Rosestar, a pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes. (x2)

Lilystar, a white-and-golden she-cat with green eyes.

Pearlstar, a pure white she-cat with blue eyes.

Maplestar, orange she-cat with green eyes

Gingerstar, rust colored tom with brown eyes. Russetheart's and Rustwind's brother.




Blazestar, a russet she-cat with green eyes. Daughter of Oakstar. Mate of Micah, Vrett, and Serpentfang. Mother of Ashpaw, Willowpaw, Bluekit, Sparkpaw, Flamekit, Aurorabreeze, Scarletstar, Peter, and Elanor.


Nutleaf, a dark brown she-cat with green eyes.

Russetheart, a dark red she-cat with green eyes. Gingerstar's and Rustwind's sister.

Medicine Cats:

Stormlight, a stormy-gray tom with light blue eyes.

Nightpool, a slim jet-black tom with crystal-blue eyes.

Silverpool, a sleek silver tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Moonshine, a light gray she-cat with blue eyes.

Mallowheart, a brown tabby tom with a lighter chest and amber eyes.

Turtlesong, a calico she-cat with green eyes.

Lilyheart, a slender tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes.

Ghostflight, a gray-and white tabby tom with ice blue eyes.

Larkflee, a small brown she-cat with amber eyes.

Mousefern, a mottled golden tabby she-cat with green eyes and brown stripes.

Medicine Cat Apprentices:


Jayfrost (2), a handsome dark gray tom with icy blue eyes. Mate of Eternityfall.

Dovefeather, a fluffy gray she-cat with white paws, yellow eyes.

Sparrowflight, a strong black she-cat with yellow eyes.

Eternityfall, a gray tabby she-cat with gray eyes. Mates with the second Jayfrost.

Doebreeze, a light brown she-cat with a white under-tail and amber eyes. Reincarnation of Doepaw.

Flamestorm, a muscular flame-colored tom with hazel eyes. Brother of Leafpelt, Rockpaw, and Tidepool.

Dewdrop, a silvery-gray tom with blue-green eyes. Brother of the first Jayfrost. Mate of Jumpfoot.

Dewfur, a silver tabby tom with light green eyes. Brother of the second Jayfrost, and saved Oakstar's life upon death.

Jumpfoot, a black-and-white she-cat with amber eyes and razor-sharp claws (She used to go and sharpen them three times per day). Mate of Dewdrop.

Tidepool, a blue-gray she-cat with sea-green eyes. Sister of Rockpaw, Leafpelt, and Flamestorm. Mates with Vinestar.

Leafpelt, a brown she-cat with blue eyes. Sister of Flamestorm, Tidepool, and Rockpaw.

Frostwind, a white-and-gray tom with a darker gray underbelly and icy blue eyes. Mates with Jewel; father of the second Jayfrost and Dewfur.

Jewel, a she-cat with a deep gold pelt and amber eyes. Former rogue; mate of Frostwind.

Branchfall, a burly dark brown tom with leaf-green eyes. Eldest kit of Vinestar.

Alderwind, a gray tom with light blue eyes. Youngest kit of Vinestar.

Rustwind, a flame-colored tom with blue eyes. Brother of Gingerstar and Russetheart.


Windfall, a light brown tom with amber eyes. Son of Briarsong.

Briarsong, a brown and white tabby she-cat with kind green eyes. (See "Our Legends.")

Stormlight, a grey she-cat with icy blue eyes. Sister of Ghostflight and Wolfpaw.

Darkflower, jet-black she-cat with green eyes. Mother of Blackpool. Mate is in the Dark Forest.

Duskcloud, a dark brown she-cat with blue eyes. Mate is in the Dark Forest.

Petalsong, tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes.

Mapleleaf, a fiery she-cat with green eyes.

Ryecloud, a golden she-cat with blue eyes. Sister of Red, Whitesomething, Dovefeather, and Poppy.

Ice, large white tom with pale blue eyes.

Fernwind, a white she-cat with pale silver stripes and gentle green eyes. Reincarnation of Fernkit, Podspark and Molecloud's sister.

Molecloud, a sturdy black tom with lighter paws and yellow eyes. Reincarnation of Molekit, Podspark and Fernwind's sister.

Mysticleaf, a beautiful gray she-cat with bright blue eyes.

Blackpool, a jet-black tom with yellow/amber eyes. Son of Darkflower, father of Shadowpaw.




Crystalheart, a silvery-blue she-cat with blue eyes.

Hollyflame, a black she-cat with kind green eyes. Mate of Ice, mother of Blazeheart and Widow.

Ice, a pure-white tom with pale blue eyes. Former Tribe member. Mate of Briarsong and father of Windfall, Lilypaw, Blade, and Whitepelt.

Barley, a large golden tom with blue eyes and a cheerful disposition. Rogue. Mate of Hollyflame, father to Widow and Blazeheart.

Hawkclaw, a brown tabby tom with green eyes.

Leopardfur, a golden she-cat with black spots and blue eyes.



Icefall, white tom with clear blue eyes and a black muzzle.

Serpentfang, a scarred gray tom with twisted shoulders and a twisted paw. Has a blue eye flecked with amber. Former rogue, Scar's brother. Mates with Blazeheart. 

Lightheart, golden tom with blue eyes, Hollystripe's mate. 

Stonepelt, a burly stone-gray tom with hazel eyes. Graytail's best friend - killed by Tigerfang. 

Snowcloud, a white she-cat with blue/green eyes. Sister of Embersoul and Darksky. Daughter of Ivystripe. 

Wolfstorm, a black she-cat with two white front paws, ear tips, and tail tip, green eyes. 

Lark, a dark brown she-cat with green/brown eyes and dark gold highlights. 

Tiger, a golden she-cat with a ginger stripe. 


Rockpaw, a stone-gray tom with a white underbelly. Brother of Flamestorm, Leafpelt, and Tidepool; murdered by Night while he and his siblings were apprentices.

Doepaw, a light brown she-cat with a white under-tail and amber eyes.

Applepaw. a golden she-cat with blue eyes, Flamestar's former apprentice.

Wolfpaw, a gray tom with blue eyes. Stormlight's and Ghostflight's brother.

Dummypaw, a humongous yellow tom with black stripes, yellow eyes, and a super small brain.

Rainpaw, a small slender light grey she-cat with blue eyes.



Sandpaw , Ginger male tabby with green eyes and red tail tip.

Coyotepaw, golden-brown tom with blue eyes.


Jaystalk, a grey she-cat with lighter paws and blue eyes.

Pebblespark, a light grey tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes


Cardnialkit, a russet she-kit with a cream underbelly, yellow eyes. Sister of Micakit.

Micakit, a black she-cat with dull amber eyes. Sister of Cardnialkit.

Blizzardkit, a dark grey-and-white she-cat with amber eyes.

Swankit, white she-cat with a black muzzle and violet eyes.

Lilackit, white she-cat with ginger patches and blue eyes.

Cloudkit, fuzzy white tom with blue eyes. Blossomkit's brother.

Blossomkit, a white she-cat with green eyes. Cloudkit's sister.

Fernkit, a white she-cat with pale silver stripes and gentle green eyes. Sister of Podspark and Molekit.

Molekit, a sturdy black tom-kit with lighter paws and yellow eyes. Brother of Podspark and Fernkit.

Bluekit, blue she-cat with blue eyes. Daughter of Blazestar.


Jayfrost (1), a once-handsome dark gray tom with icy blue eyes.

Silverwhisker, a pale grey tom with a bony frame, long whiskers, and amber eyes.

Sunny, a yellow tom with bright green eyes.