This page will be for all those cats who became leaders, deputies, medicine cats, or had a prophecy. If your cat/cats was one of these, feel free to write an article about them! Our official leaders have been Flamestar, (Leader of TunnelClan #1 and TunnelClan #2) Applestar, (Leader of DuskClan) Stormstar, (Leader of EmberClan) Wolfstar, (Leader of LeafClan) Littlestar, (Leader of MeadowClan) Moonstar, (Leader of ShadowClan) Gingerstar, (Leader of TunnelClan #3) Vinestar, (Leader of TunnelClan #3), Oakstar (Leader of TunnelClan #3), and Goldenstar (Leader of TunnelClan #3). We have had other leaders, but the person in question didn't like being it and gave it away. (Namely Eowyn, and once, Dreamheart.)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VINESTAR

Vinestar was a leader of TunnelClan while the second Jayfrost was alive. He was a muscular brown tom with leaf-green eyes and a longer tail than most cats. Oakfall (now Oakstar, but a retired leader as of now) served as deputy under him. Vinestar, while a fierce fighter in battle, remained quite calm during issues inside the Clan, although he sometimes lost his temper during especially tough moments. He served as deputy under Gingerstar and was a friend of Oakfall, and deeply respected both of them although he did not always agree with Gingerstar on many issues. He felt it was his responsibility to preserve the life of the second Jayfrost, who bore the Stone, and began to think of Jayfrost as a son, causing him to travel with Jayfrost on the last journey the two of them would ever make. After the return to TunnelClan, fighting broke out in a large meadow not too far away from the stream in TunnelClan territory. Vinestar, leading the group of TunnelClan cats that remained from the journey, fought alongside his deceased friend Cloudswirl's spy and defense network against a group of particularly vicious rogues led by a cat named Venom, who wished to claim the Stone for himself, eliminating Jayfrost in the process. While fighting alongside Oakfall and Jayfrost in a small deserted clearing next to the meadow, Vinestar lost his last life at the claws of Venom, whom Jayfrost vaporized using the Stone soon afterwards. His grave rests under an old birch tree covered in ivy vines near the stream, which was his favorite place to sit and rest after a hard day of hunting while he was alive.



Goldenstar is the current Leader of TunnelClan. She is a white she-cat with gray stripes on her front right leg and has large golden eyes. She became deputy shortly after she saved Oakstar from a fox trap, who was close to death. Goldenstar has killed one rogue named Black, who was furious at Goldenstar believing that she caused his sister's death. The rogue tom had meant to kill Goldenstar, but instead killed her mother, Eternityfall. He took off after her mother's death, and she tracked him down at the waterfall. She sliced his neck when he approached her. Goldenstar tries to forget about what happened and currently enjoys life in peace. She helped take care of a lost kit named Pearkit and does her duties as Leader. Goldenstar enjoys fish.



Mallowheart was the medicine cat after Larkflee. As a kit, he had a close friendship with Eternityfall, although their friendship wavered when he became medicine cat and the second Jayfrost became involved with Eternityfall. Also as a kit, Mallowheart lead a patrol of kits to kill a fox, resulting in all of the kits almost dying. As an apprentice, Mallowheart learned about his parents, Leafstream and Crowfur, whom he had been abandoned by to be the into the care of Jaystalk. Mallowheart always had a close friendship with his mentor Larkflee, and was devastated after she died. He went into a daze, and refused to take care of cats. Before the Dark Forest battle, Mallowheart trained his apprentice, chased a butterfly, fell off a cliff, and was eaten by badgers. In StarClan, he befriended Doepaw, or Doebreeze, who had been killed on a Thunderpath earlier that year. They eventully had kits (Wavekit and Winterkit), and they came to TunnelClan as a gift from StarClan. Wintersky was trained to be a full medicine cat by Mallowheart, and both his kits have the power to summon dead cats to the Earth for a short period of time.


The daughter of Oakstar, Briarsong grew up with a single parent along with her brother Hawkclaw. She was a brown and white tabby she-cat with green eyes and had a close relationship with her father, but struggled to forgive her mother Fernsky for disappearing from the clan so long. When a prophecy sparks a journey to the Tribe to find a herb, Briarpaw heads into the unknown with the other cats chosen to go. (Including Blackpaw, later Blackpool, Briarsong's usual friend but occasional enemy.) They are followed by Podkit, later Podspark (her nemesis), Blackpaw's future mate. The quest succeeds, but not before Briarpaw has fallen in love with Ice That Shines In The Night. They have four kits together, Windfall, (a cat that features in Jayfrost's prophecies); Springkit, (later Blade); Lilypaw, (who commits suicide); and Whitepelt. Briarsong and Ice are killed by their daughter Blade in the prime of their lives. Oakstar buried Briarsong beside the waterfall, and her grave is covered in wildflowers. She visits TunnelClan as a bringer of warnings and prophecies.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- APPLESTAR

She was a golden she-cat with blue eyes. The clan's youngest leader, she struggled with leadership and often looked to Flamewolf, her best friend and deputy, for advice. Her lives were tragically short. The second official leader ever, and the actual third one, her article is short because Eowyn can't remember anything more about her. Eowyn's leaders include Rosestar and Lilystar as well. She gave them all away after varying lengths of time. Hence, no articles. :P



The daughter of Pebblespark and Blackstreak grew up as a lonely figure. Her mother and littermates had died, and Blackstreak was never around. At a young age, she was bitten by a snake, leaving her with a friendship to Blackpaw, later Blackpool, and her future mate. Podkit was always jealous of Briarkit (later Briarsong) and Hawkkit (later Hawkclaw, and the father of a litter of her kits), for that they were always so smug to her and wouldn't let her play with them. Podkit's hatred grew for Briarpaw when she befriended Blackpaw, and was made an apprentice before her, even though Podkit was older. Poor Podkit had it for the last straw when she went on an expedition with Oakfall (the deputy and future leader), and Blackpool, along with others. Agitated, Podkit followed them, even though she had been bestowed with the power to breathe underwater. After journeying with the cats, Briarsong was carried away by an eagle, leaving Podkit to believe that she had caused it. The apprentice-aged kit ran into the mountains, Blackpaw chasing after her, resulting in both of them being lost for days. When she and Blackpaw returned to camp, they grew closer. Eventually, Podpaw was made an apprentice, although she was older than Briarsong, who was now a warrior. Time passed, and Podpaw gave up her prophecy, and happily trained with her mentor, the second Jayfrost. Podpaw finds out that she is expecting kits before the Dark Forest battle, and is given her warrior name, Podspark, as she goes to the nursery. Podspark and Eternityfall became close friends, and Podspark also befriended her kit Goldenkit, who would someday become Goldenwing, the deputy. Podspark has her kits after the Dark Forest battle, her mate Blackpool is dead. She has Shadowkit, a cat identical to his father, and Blizzardkit, identical to her, but Blizzardkit is killed by the Killer Cat (possibly the same cat who murdered an apprentice named Rockpaw). Podspark goes into a stage of grieving, but somehow has kits to Hawkclaw, Cinderkit (paw), Soarkit (paw), and Cloudkit. Unfortunately, Cloudkit dies. When Podspark finds out that Hawkclaw doesn't really love her, she tries to kill herself with a rock, resulting in her falling into the river. Although unmentioned in roleplay, Podspark ends up in a rogue group. The rogue group is called the Legion, a group of cats who believe in robots after death. Podspark eventually becomes mates with the Legion's leader, Red, and has three kits with him: Storm, Jay, and Hail. One of Podspark's close friends from the Legion, Dusk, offers to take her kits back to TunnelClan after hearing her stories. Podspark, although brokenhearted, agrees and tells Dusk to tell Oakstar to name her kits Stormfall, after Eternityfall, Jaypool, after Blackpool, and Hailheart, after her old apprentice Blazeheart. She never sees her friend or kits again. Podspark is happy in the Legion, and will gladly give her life for them. Her current name in the Legion is Pod, and her rank is a soldier.



Moonshine was TunnelClan's second medicine cat and now is in StarClan. She was first a warrior and liked Stormlight at the time. When he died, she was devastated and changed roles, becoming a medicine cat. (And I can't remember anything else ^_^; -Gold)



Stormlight was TunnelClan's first medicine cat, a stormy-gray tom with blue eyes. He became a medicine cat after the cat he loved (known as Snowfall) disappeared. He lived his life in grief; but when Nightpool came to him in a dream and told him that Snowfall was waiting for him in StarClan, he became overwhelmed with a desire to join her. So on his last journey to the forest, he found some yew berries (deathberries) on a bush and carried them back to camp with him. He then went to the medicine den and lay down in his nest to sleep, as he placed the deathberries in his mouth and swallowed them. When dawn broke, he had died. He is buried behind the medicine den.



Nightpool was a medicine cat of ShadowClan long ago, a black tom with blue eyes. When his leader banned communicating with the other Clans and helping them, Nightpool refused and sneaked out to WindClan in the night to help a sick cat. When he was discovered the next morning, the leader of ShadowClan threw him out of the Clan. Nightpool took to the woods beyond Clan territory, learning to survive in the wild. After some moons had passed, Nightpool returned to the Clans and met a currently unknown TunnelClan cat, whom he befriended. Although Nightpool was not permitted to enter the TunnelClan camp, he was allowed to sleep outside camp near the back of the medicine den, and he was allowed to hunt for himself. During his time at TunnelClan, he occasionally assisted with medicine cat work when it was needed. When he died of old age, he provided certain members of TunnelClan with prophecies, omens, and general advice, through entering their dreams. He continues to do this, remembering how TunnelClan showed mercy to him, and also remembering his friend from TunnelClan.



The first Jayfrost was a dark gray tom with icy blue eyes (a slight reference to Hawkfrost). As a five-moon-old kit, he and his brother Dewkit (who was the same age as Jaykit), traveled with their parents from SkyClan to TunnelClan, where they knew cats lived in Clans. They were fleeing from a cat known as Thornleap, who was previously a friend of theirs. When Thornleap accidentally led a group of foxes to the patrol he was on, the foxes attacked them, killing every cat except for Thornleap and Jaykit's father. When they returned, Jaykit's father told his mate of Thornleap, and they talked about the incident to the leader, Brackenstar. Brackenstar banished Thornleap from SkyClan, but not before Thornleap found out who "told" on him. Brackenstar warned Jaykit and Dewkit's parents to flee Skyclan and head south for the other Clans, for he feared for their lives. They fled down to TunnelClan, not knowing if Thornleap was truly tailing them. Just before they reached TunnelClan, they found a large pile of bracken and leaves pushed into a den. It was abandoned, so the cats made themselves comfortable. The next morning, while the others were still asleep, Jaykit went outside to wash himself in a nearby stream (the same stream that still lies in TunnelClan today). While this was happening, the makeshift den, along with some rocks and tree limbs above, collapsed in on it self, supposedly burying Dewkit and Jaykit's parents inside. Jaykit could not get to them, and wandered off in the direction of TunnelClan. By sunset that day, Jaykit reached the TunnelClan camp and asked to be admitted in as a member of the Clan. He succeeded, and was accepted into camp as an apprentice. Dewkit was found the following day, and also was made an apprentice. A few weeks later, both were exceptionally well trained in fighting. Because of this, Jaypaw decided to brave the tunnels, with Dewpaw and another apprentice named Mysticpaw, who was the same age as both of them and was to have a moderately large part in Jaypaw's future. They went into the tunnels, and explored. They were getting ready to go back when all three of them were stopped by a Dark Forest cat named Deathblow. Thornleap was with him, proving that he had been tailing Jaypaw, Dewpaw, and their parents all along. Jaypaw impulsively charged at Deathblow, almost hooking his claws through Deathblow's neck. However, Deathblow threw him off, and Thornleap stepped into the shadows, ready to retreat if need be. Meanwhile, while Jaypaw was momentarily stunned, Dewpaw attacked Deathblow. Deathblow slid off the edge of the cliff, but grabbed hold of a rock and Dewpaw's hind leg, dragging Dewpaw down. As Dewpaw hung on to the edge of the cliff, the chasm looming below him, he looked up at Mysticpaw and Jaypaw and told them: "Run! This is your only chance! Tell them what happened... now run, I say! Go!" Dewpaw then let go of the edge of the cliff, taking Deathblow with him as he fell. Jaypaw then attacked Thornleap, and fell over the side of an underground waterfall with him. Both of them sustaining a notable amount of bruises as they fought, Thornleap ran off and climbed back up to the cliff, using a set of pawholds that Jaypaw hadn't noticed earlier. He calls after Thornleap, telling him that he would give him one last chance to forgive him. Thornleap escapes the tunnel, and Jaypaw climbs up the pawholds. The last one, still a tail-length or two from the cliff's edge, was split apart when Thornleap climbed on it because of his weight. As Jaypaw places a paw on the last pawhold, it breaks apart, and Jaypaw almost fell headfirst into the falls below, and might have died if Mysticpaw hadn't been there. Mysticpaw pulled Jaypaw to safety, and they both began to exit the tunnel. Meanwhile, Dewpaw and Deathblow are still dueling as they fall, the chasm being rather deep. There happened to be water below, along with stalagmites/stalactites on the cave floor. As they fell, Dewpaw absorbed the impact of the spikes by climbing on top of Deathblow, impaling him on the spike. As they hit the spike, Dewpaw jumped away into the water, still nearly breaking both of his hind legs but nevertheless surviving. He found his way out of the tunnel and went back to the camp, finding that a searching patrol was about to be issued for him. After reuniting with Jaypaw and Mysticpaw, peace was in the camp for a time until 24 rogues attacked the camp. During the fighting, Dewpaw and Jaypaw went into a dream-like state while they were knocked unconscious. Deathblow appeared there, apparently attempting to hold on to his dying spirit, which was fading fast. he attempted to kill Dewpaw and Jaypaw, but Thornleap appeared there and saved their lives by slitting Deathblow's throat, though Thornleap was mortally wounded at the same time. He died, sending Jaypaw and Dewpaw back to the mortal world, where the battle was still raging. TunnelClan was victorious, and succeeded in exterminating all the rogues. Some moons passed with much peace, involving Dewpaw and Jaypaw becoming Dewdrop and Jayfrost, with Mysticpaw becoming Mysticleaf. Jayfrost and Mysticleaf also became mates not too long after, Mysticleaf bearing two kits, Frostkit (the second Jayfrost's father, later Frostwind) and Sparrowkit (later Sparrowflight). Following many events such as Jumpfoot coming to the Clan, Dewdrop and Jumpfoot becoming mates and having kittens (Flamekit (Flamestorm), Leafkit (Leafpelt), Tidekit (Tidepool), and Rockkit (Rockpaw)), Dewdrop murdered by Tigerfang, and Jumpfoot being killed by a fox, Jayfrost began exterminating the SkyClan exiles one by one. When he finished, he lived the rest of his life in peace and happiness, apart from his mate dying from a fox attack. He died of old age, and was buried next to the falls leading to the stream, which would lead to a significant discovery in his grandkit's (the second Jayfrost) life.



He stumbled into camp with his siblings Storm and Wolf. He was mute, Wolf was deaf, and Storm was blind. They were accepted into the clan, but Ghostkit usually set apart from other cats, contemplating important mysteries, such as 'Why is the sky blue?' They eventually discovered that their respective handicaps were their powers in a prophecy. Instead of reading cat's minds, or running super fast, they got to be deaf, mute, and blind. When they completed their prophecy, Ghostpaw decided to train as a medicine cat apprentice instead of a warrior. He was a hard worker, if a little cold sometimes, and completed his job with dignity if not affection.