In January of 2015, Eowyn convinced Jayfrost to make a clan called TunnelClan. Jack of LionClan and Robin (Calypso, Miriel) joined, helping the clan to its paws. Spectrum (Reiner), Golden Time (LittleGoldenCat), and Green_ Wolf (Scar) joined next. Fluffycloud was the last of the original eight to join. Dreamheart came when DriftClan disbanded. The clan moved to a same name, different clan after Cyclops started kicking people he THOUGHT were inactive and the leader was accidentally put on an inactive account.

TunnelClan moved to DuskClan after Eowyn left, being offended. Somberlight/RedDeath and Splinter and Skyfire/Leafstream joined at that time.

After Eowyn and Green had one of their usual arguments, the clan moved to EmberClan.

LeafClan was created for fun.

MeadowClan was created as a result of an argument between Eowyn and Green, again. Splinter is the main reason they are still friends today, having counseled them to apologize to each other.

MeadowClan split because of ANOTHER disagreement, into WolfClan (Made by Green) and ShadowClan (made by Eowyn.)

Eventually Eowyn** apologized and they all moved to ShadowClan. After the leader there became inactive, TunnelClan was remade, and it actually exists to this day.

**Eowyn realizes that this history probably makes her look like she has a horrible temper. She hopes everyone who reads this realizes that she isn't perfect, is trying to do better, and that she hasn't destroyed a clan in over 300 days.

That TunnelClan moved to JadeClan for a while, and then moved back to TunnelClan (which was being kept alive by Turtle and Gray), which is the

current clan.

GRAY IF YOU ARE READING THIS: I, Eowyn did NOT destroy your clan! I just joined and left. That the deputy followed me was NOT my fault!