On this page, a list has been compiled of notable members and co-leaders of TunnelClan, whether currently in the Clan or not.

(Note: these members are not listed in order of importance)

Guide: * = in the Clan, ** = no longer in the clan

(A user's current name will be listed; previous names or names of secondary account(s) will be listed in parentheses next to the current name)

Green_Wolf (Scar, green wolf, xXWolfXx, former leader, early member) *

Eowyn (Harliah, Lily, Lavender_ Wolf, Harl Darkflower, founder and former leader, current deputy, early member) *

Jayfrost (Cereberus, Cha0t1c64, Ender, co-founder and former leader, early member) *

Dreamheart (early member) ** (In BrookClan)

Spectrum (Reiner, Pink_ Wolf, former leader, early member) **

KittyCat054 (former leader and early member) *

LittleGoldenCat (Golden Time, current leader, early member) *

Frodo Swaggins ** (occasionally visiting)

Silvershadowz *

RedDeath (Blackstreak, Somberlight) **

Loadout Demon (Demon Lord) **

xXPinaColadasXx *

Splinter (early member, inactive) **

Russitfur **

Miriel (Calypso, Robin, early member) *

Skyfire (Leafstream, Lylia, KNSage22, Indigo_Wolf, early member) ** (In BrookClan)

Warriorcatfan1 **

Moonstar (Moony, former leader, early member) **

ShadowDragon (Nicholas, early member) **

Skyth (early member) *

Sky (DankMemeDealer, early member) **

Mel (M3lani3, early member) **

Goldenpelt (early member) **

Fluffycloud (Fluffypaws, Blue_ Wolf, early member) *

./Cyclops\. (Cyclops, early member) ** (In TunnelClan 2)

Jaypaw (early member) **

Cenderheart *

Tauriel the Elf ** (Visits)

Ranger Keira *

The Boss *

Fireheart (CloudFire, early member) *

pinkie pie (waterheart, early member) **

Kawisuan (Rainstream, early member) ** (Kicked for inactivity)

Torin *

Pinestar (ToxicStar, early member) *

Jack (early member, first deputy) **

Icefang **

Squirrelflight *

Turtlemist *

shadowpelt *


FUN FACT: We vote on every deputy, so every leader is approved by the clan. No endless circles of leaders for us! About how we got here: Our History