A page for our members to post random things they have enjoyed in rp, or maybe a song their oc wrote.



She buried beside the waterfall with flowers in her fur.

Rainpaw loved her family, Skyflame and Scar for sure.

The life did fade from her eyes when StarClan called her home.

Mysterious were to others, the paths that she did roam.

Her silent nature and gentle heart set her apart from all the rest.

She was loved by her clanmates, but it was Scar who loved her best.

The lilies mourned, the snowdrops mourned, as they pressed through the snow.

Her quiet life was ended, and icy tears did flow.

-Blazepaw (Give her a break, at least it rhymes, if the rhythm is off a bit, who cares?)


Ten little clan cats sitting on a pine.

One was distracted by an pretty cloud and then there were nine.

Nine little clan cats peering through a grate.

Unfortunately, they were on the thunderpath; hence there were eight.

Eight little clan cats met a kittypet called Kevin.

Kevin knew Cat Fu and then there were seven.

Seven little clan cats scratching at ticks.

One hadn't trimmed his claws, then there were six.

Six little clan cats stealing honey from hive.

But you REALLY shouldn't get your head stuck...they ended up five.

Five little clan cats, one liked blood and gore.

So he attacked six badgers, obviously, now there were four.

Four little clan cats went on a killing spree.

StarClan was angry and soon there were three.

Three little clan cats examined a shoe.

The shoe was on a Twoleg's foot, and soon there were two.

Two little clan cats, one mewed a pun.

The other got mad and then there was one.

One little clan cat, sitting all alone.

He walked away into the mist...and then there were none.

-Anyone may edit this if they can think of a better rhyme.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TINY SPIDER, BY WIDOW:

A small creature climbs up a tree.

The black cat watches and sees.

That its eyes are blood

And body mud

The cat lifts its paw

The spider crawls

Onto the cat

And received a pat on the back

(RIP tiny spider)





Off to the hunt we go!

It's early and freezing this day!

And my singing is scaring the prey!

But I shall sing anyway!

Because I have something to say!






The hunting is slow!


I don't wanna go!


Back into the snow!

My fur is feeling like mush!

And I'm wading through vastness of slush!

It's a frigid ole' day and I hate it this way, hi-ho!