This is the page where you can list all of your Dark Forest cats and their descriptions!


Honeydrop, a ginger and white she-cat with green eyes.

Juniperclaw, a dark brown she-cat with dark blue eyes.

Grassblade, a long-furred black tom with dark green eyes.

Flintfang, a massive gray tom with pale blue eyes.

Blade, a silvery blue she-cat with blue eyes.

Snakefang, a dark brown tabby tom with light brown stripes and green eyes.

Weevilclaw, a rusty orange tom with yellow eyes.

Snowheart, a white she-cat with blue eyes and a heart as cold as her name suggests.

Deathblow, a black-and-brown tom with red eyes.

Tigerfang, a large dark brown tom with a torn ear and amber eyes, with longer and sharper claws than most cats. Gone from the Dark Forest.

Bloodbath, a bright red tom with green eyes. Former Dark Forest leader, father of Bloodlust. Gone from the Dark Forest.

Skull, a big white tom with a black underbelly and muzzle. Formerly the leader of a rogue faction of the Dark Forest before Bloodlust (while Bloodlust was still alive) assassinated him. Gone from the Dark Forest.

Bloodlust, a large deep red tom with brown eyes, razor-sharp claws, and a thirst for murder. Son of Bloodbath, former leader of the now nonexistent rogue faction of the Dark Forest, and partner of Venom. Killed by Oakstar (then Oakfall), now seeking revenge.

Venom, a smallish but muscular shadow-black tom with extremely sharp claws, glowing amber eyes, and skull-like marks on his chest, back, front paws, tail, and forehead. Was vaporized by the second Jayfrost with the Stone; now assisting Nightstalker.

Nightstalker, a handsome, sleek snow-white tom with black paws, a black underbelly and muzzle, a black tail-tip, and black eyes. Was trapped in the Dark Forest while still alive, and escaped with Venom, Bloodlust, and Bomb. The Possessor of the Red Stone; attempting to steal the Green Stone.

Jaggedheart, a sleek black she-cat with yellow eyes and three white paws.

Bomb, a small dark-gray tom with yellow eyes. Killed by the second Jayfrost in the battle that also killed Venom, Bloodlust, Vinestar, and the second Jayfrost himself. Secretly plotting to kill Nightstalker.

Whispersong, a graceful gray-and-white tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Aurorabreeze, a golden she-cat with white stripes and blue eyes flecked with gold.

Scarletstar, a russet she-cat with green eyes.

Skull, massive gray tom.