• Lily of the Field


    March 7, 2017 by Lily of the Field

    Hi. I am obviously me, so I'll skip that stuff....welcome to the TunnelClan wiki, please don't judge; it is just getting started! Meow! >-<

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  • GoldayyeOuO


    February 27, 2017 by GoldayyeOuO

    So.. First blog post on my account, yay. I am Golden, you probably know that. If you are part of TunnelClan and want a request (for a drawing, though my art isn't the best) feel free to ask me. Please, when asking, be specific about your request. I will only draw cats for this wiki and the territory. No wolves or humans or such. Thank you :)

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  • ChaoticGD


    February 26, 2017 by ChaoticGD

    Hello again! I am ChaoticGD, known in Clash of Clans as Jayfrost, but feel free to call me Jay (everyone does)! I am the co-founder of TunnelClan, and the owner of this wiki! If you have any questions about TunnelClan or the wiki, don't be scared to ask me!

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  • Hazelwish


    February 26, 2017 by Hazelwish

    Hello Everyone! I am Skyfire from TunnelClan, but you may call me Sky or Leaf. I have been in TunnelClan since last summer, and if you haven't joined yet, I highly advise that you do!

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  • ChaoticGD


    February 23, 2017 by ChaoticGD

    Welcome to the TunnelClan wiki! This is the very first blog post... :3

    Anyways, this blog section can serve as a secondary Important Messages Wall if you somehow are a member of TunnelClan and still aren't an admin.

    So feel free to leave messages here or talk.

    Hiya, furballs! -Lil' Liky

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