Here you can put down battles, attacks, and fights here. Please only put badger attacks, fox, Dark Forest, etc. only! Battles between kits should not to be here!  :) (Goldie please..there was a six-kit war and it was so fun!)


A battle happened between rogues and TunnelClan. The rogues' names that were in the battle are Frost, June, Honey, Widow, and Storm. Frost, the leader of the group, was angry that Oakstar rejected his request to let him and the rogues join the clan and rule all the clans. The rogues left the territory after that and trained for three moons. When Frost was satisfied with the rogues' fighting abilities, he led them back to TunnelClan at midnight to attack. Shortly after they entered camp, Honey accidentally stepped on June's tail, causing her to yowl and wake up the cats in TunnelClan. Before the actual battle, Frost slit Oakstar's throat while he was sleeping, making him lose a life. He then fought awoken clanmates. June and Honey fought cats side by side, they both died fighting, along with Frost. Widow and Storm did not lay a single claw on anyone and left camp, disappointed with their choice to attack.