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Hello everyone! I am Skyfire (originally Leafstream), but you can call me Leaf or Sky. I joined TunnelClan around it's second move, if my memory serves me right. I enjoy being medicine cat in the roleplay, and I am mostly friendly with anyone. Like Jayfrost, I like to roleplay prophecies, one of my largest is coming up (*evil laugh*). One of my longest roleplays is Podspark, who has lived for officially seven months. I am close friends with Eowyn, Golden Time, Green_Wolf, Dreamheart, Squirrelflight, Loadout Demon, and Chloe120, and I love roleplaying with all of them dearly. I am so happy to be a part of TunnelClan!



Hiya, reader-people! I am Harliah/Harl/Harl Darkflower/Harleigh Harl/Lily/Liky/Lilly/Lileh/Lavender_ Wolf/Eow/Eowyn/Furball.<--- I go by all those, so any one works. My first wcrp clan was WindClan, back when magikapple was leader. I founded TunnelClan, convincing Jay to join and yeah..we went from there! I roleplay around two rps at a time because more makes me feel rushed. Right now my oc's are Serpentfang and Blazeheart. I guess I am best friends with Jay and Cyclops- I've known them the longest! I really enjoy roleplaying with pretty much everyone, especially those who first joined, like Wolfe and Goldielocks. I also have a nickname for pretty much everyone. :) I am very thankful to everyone who joined, and everyone who's friend I was privileged to have. Goldielocks, Wolfe, Leafy, Martian, Splinter, Cheesepuff, Potato, JayFuzzball, Clopper, Pinapple, Silveh, Squirreli, Dreameh, Skyth, Sky, Chlo, Martian, Boss, Ivy, Elf, Kei, Blaze, Flufferz, Cloudie, Zander, AND THOSE IN OTHER CLANS like Swagden, Roehl, Kitty, Rexy, Creeper, and Honeyleaf...thanks for making the wcrp clans an awesome place to be!